Wiring Analyser

The wiring analyser is basically an electronic continuity tester used to test the errors in connectivity of heavily wired back panels, motherboards, Cable looms etc. For the above purpose it has got the following units/modules.

The system operates on input supply of 230V 50Hz AC. The required DC supplies are derived from 230V internally.

Control unit.

The control unit is a portable table mount Unit. The front panel has got connectors to connect the unit to PC and scanner/Interface boards. Power ON/OFF switch is also housed on the front panel. The rear panel houses power supply connector and fuse.

The power supply units 230V to +18V, +5V and +18V to +10V are fixed on the bottom plate of the control unit, and the RS-232 to RS-485 converter is fixed on the front panel of the control unit.

Interface/Scanner modules.

The interface modules houses required quantity of scanner modules. All the Necessary electronics/hardware is in the scanner modules. Interface module also houses the suitable connectors which provide interconnectivity between the scanner board and the target system to be tested.

The extender boards are used for interconnection between interface/scanner module and Target system mother board.

Each interface module has got connectors to interconnect, by using daisy chain cable assemblies, and suitable mating connectors to connect with target system to be tested.