Distance Measuring Equipment –DME 100P

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) provides pilots with distance (slant range) between the aircraft and ground station. Signals transmitted between an aircraft and a DME ground beacon enables the aircraft to accurately determine its distance from the ground beacon. DME is one of the primary navigation aids in an airways system.

For maximum performance and safety, the DME is designed with the latest state of the art technology featuring completely independent transponders and dual monitoring systems.

For ease of maintenance, the parameters of all the modules are easily configurable and viewable in the respective front panel displays.

DME 100P can handle over 100 aircrafts simultaneously.

Technical Specification

Compatibility With all exiting DME Interrogators
Handling Capacity Over 100 Aircrafts
Frequency Range 252 Channels (962 MHz to 1213 MHz)
Dimension 600mm (w) X 600mm (D) X 1250mm (H)
Peak Power 100W Peak (nom.)
Pulse Shape Rise/Fall:< 3µS Duration: 3.5 ± 0.2µS
Frequency Stability ±0.002%
Pulse Pair Spacing X Mode: 12 ± 0.2µS, Y Mode: 30 ± 0.2µS
Transmission Rate 800 to 2700 PPS
Sensitivity Better than -95dBm
Selectivity Better than 75 dB
Reply Delay 50µS
Monitored Parameters Alarm Threshold
Reply Delay ± 0.4 µS (Adjustable up to ± 1.0 µS)
Reply Pulse spacing ± 0.4 µS (Adjustable up to ± 1.0 µS)
Reply Efficiency < 67 % (Adjustable between 60 to 70 %)
Reply Peak power 3 dB Down from Nominal Peak Power
Power Supply
Input 230V ± 10%, 50Hz AC / 40V to 60V DC
Power Less than 350 Watts
Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Relative Humidity 95%