ARMDK Tester

The Automatic Work Station checks the serviceability of aero engine of SU-30 MKI aircraft by monitoring and recording various real time parameters related to engine and engine controller during aircraft ground run. The AWS is also used during scheduled adjustments, maintenance/repair services and other operations dealing with maintenance of engine without connecting any additional test instruments. However, additional sensors are installed during engine performance checks.

The AWS performs following functions during aircraft ground run

The AWS also facilitates to check the serviceability of additional sensors which are part of the ARM DK-30 system and also to calibrate the aircraft engine parameters.

Technical Specification

The following engine parameters are monitored, recorded and displayed:-

The AWS generates various warnings based on monitored parameters and the same is displayed in a separate page with arrival and departure time. The AWS presents the established and standard modes in graphical format with respect to time. Also, the AWS is equipped to simulate P0, M, T4, N1, N2, T1 & BPZ signals on demand.